What is Expansion?

Chicken Coops that expand with your flock

Imagine that you are new to the idea of keeping chickens. You have heard a lot about it, but are not sure if this is going to be something for you or not. So you figure that you will keep it small and simple to start with. Maybe just 2 or 3 chickens and you get one of those in expensive coops (made in China). It turns out that it isn’t much work at all and the kids love it. You realize that you are only getting two eggs a day and it would be just as much work to keep more chickens and get more eggs.

Now you will have to replace that small coop with a larger more expensive one. Chickens feel safe when they sleep together in the same place. Furthermore, there isn’t much resale value to that (very) used chicken coop, is there?

By buying a Creative Coop you can save money in the long run, because you can just keep adding on to your coop as your flock grows.

Here’s how it works: 

By ordering an expansion kit, you will receive new components that you can combine with your existing hen house that will add more house space and more roosting space. (Click on this slide show) You can also expand the size of the pen from 4′x4′ to 4′x8′.

Later if you want even more chickens you can add more parts on to make your medium size hen house into a large hen house for more than 12 chickens.