Village Hen House KIT

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Village Hen House KIT


This is so much more than just another hen house. The Village hen house is part of the Chicken Coop Starter KIT from Creative Coops which offers five essential ingredients to help you start keeping chickens at home. This KIT includes:

  1. All pre-cut and pre-drilled plywood panels, labeled 1×2 framing strips, hardware parts, and assembly instructions, for you to build your hen house
  2. PLANS you can use to build a 4’ x 8’ fenced run  designed to fit with the house (purchase your building material locally)
  3. Traceable artwork to decorate your hen house after painting it just the way you want
  4. One NightGuard Solar device for added protection from night time predators
  5. A booklet of 25 useful tips on how to raise backyard chickens

What makes Creative Coop products so unique is that they are made of modular parts. This means that if you decide to expand your flock in the future, you can expand your hen house by just adding more parts. No need to invest in a new larger hen house. So this may just be the only hen house you will ever buy.

This Village size hen house holds twelve chickens or more.  It comes with sixteen linear feet of roosting sticks, three large nest boxes and two slide-out droppings tray to collect manure for your compost pile. It is made of unpainted sturdy 3/8 inch exterior plywood reinforced with 1×2 inch Douglas Fir framing strips. The floor of the house is fenced with 16 gauge welded wire with 1 inch openings and the windows have an added ¼ inch hardware cloth to protect from predators reaching through at night. The roof is covered with tar paper and composition rolled roofing. There is plenty of ventilation and two doors which make it easy to access for cleaning.

All Creative Coop products are made in America from long lasting material. You know that with your purchase you are helping to create jobs for American workers.

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