Teaching Work-Ability Skills to High School Students

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One of the wonderful things that happened at Creative Coops this spring was Josh Buist and Naomi Goodlin. They came to help at Creative Coops through Nevada Union High School’s Work Abilty program. This is a program that helps high school students learn employable skills by placing them in local businesses so they can be mentored into the work world.

Both of them worked hard and learned many usefull skills that they can take into the work world. They helped in many aspects of assembling coops. They did painting and cleaning and kit assembling for our Chicken Coops.

Josh brought an expertise in creating Stop Motions. Stop Motion is a video technique using small action figures to tell a story by taking pictures of the action figures and stringing them together in quick sequence much like the old cartoons must have been filmed.

Josh found chicken figures and made a mini Creative Coop out of cardboard and matchsticks. He then created a backround out of construction paper and combined everything to make a one minute stop motion for Creative Coops. Check it out!! http://youtu.be/TdIud9MBUwg

Josh is imaginative and inventive and he will be missed around Creative Coops now that the Work Ability program is finished.

Maybe Josh can help your business prosper by getting the word out by stop motion onto the internet.


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