Little Free Libraries a New Popular Trend

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Urban farming is also building community by sharing.

An increasingly popular trend in neighborhoods across America is the introduction of the Little Free Library. As budget cut backs are closing public libraries, people are creating pop-up libraries to fill the gap and re-KINDLE a love of good old fashioned physical books. Only one year ago, Todd Bole built a doll house size box in front of his home in Wisconsin to honor his mother’s love of reading. With the message “Take a Book, Return a Book” this idea has blossomed and is now spread to at least 28 states and even other countries. You can register your Little Free Library at the official website and receive an official plaque and be located on their Google map.

Libraries are popping up at health clinics, bike paths, grocery stores, but mainly in front of personal residences. The delightful appeal of these is how they are bringing people together and promoting a sense of community. Suddenly, neighbors are getting to know one another and sharing. There is something revolutionary going on here too. In hard economic times, this is taking care of each other and spreading what is called “the gift economy”.

To learn more about these go the their official web site:


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