Chicken Coops – Back yard chickens and the reluctant spouse

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backyard chickens and reluctant spouses

No backyard chickens for me!


Chicken Coops – Back yard chickens and the reluctant spouse

While I am attending farmer’s markets and home and garden shows selling my chicken coops, I have noticed something interesting. It happens regularly every week at some point and the scenario goes something like this. A couple will arrive at my booth and one or the other of them will be so excited about the chicken coop. “Look honey!” etc. Meanwhile the other spouse is standing there, maybe with their arms crossed, stone faced, or with an expression on their face like “You’ve got to be kidding…” Or maybe someone is very enthusiastic, asking lots of questions about what it takes to keep backyard chickens. Then it ends with “I just need to talk to my partner and I will let you know.” That’s the last I ever hear from them. So far it is about 50/50 between males and females as to which one is the reluctant spouse.

I know my wife was very squeamish about our chickens initially. They seemed kind of scarey creatures. Not exactly like a warm cuddly cat for example. And then there is the added responsibility of caring for their well being, when its not clear what they need. She has come along way since our shaky beginnings, and the eggs are so delicious that we grow to appreciate our backyard chickens more and more.

But what can you say when you really want to keep chickens and your spouse just doesn’t get it? Here are some suggestions. “Our eggs will be delicious and healthy, trust me, you’ll love the omelets.” “It won’t be any more work than caring for a cat or a gold fish.” “It will be fun and educational for your children.”Our garden would flourish with rich soil.”

Do you have any conflicts with your spouse over the idea of keeping backyard chickens?


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  1. Ellen

    I love this! Paul thought for sure you were talking about him…!

  2. Robocop

    I grew up with a large fenced in chicken yard near the house on 12 acres. We owned them for at least 15 years before I left home to join the Navy. Now I am retired to a place in the back country with 3 acres. I have a small tractor to keep the place up but that was my wife’s only concession. For whatever reason she absolutely refuses to allow me to have a chicken yard, even though I would do all the upkeep. She is deathly afraid of snakes and perhaps she believes they will attract additional snakes. I sure would like to be able to have just 5-6 birds for eggs. I wouldn’t want to eat them unless faced with starvation..LOL!

  3. Linda Moore

    This was the perfect thing to read… I have been asking my husband for over a year now along with small goats. But I have resorted to just chickens for now. We have an old shed. And last April had a tornado come by and peel the roof off of it… It wasn’t being used, just a clutter catch. So I kept on asking and asking to fix it up.. So finally last week he agreed to fixing it up… it had tin siding so we ripped most of that off and are in the process of replacing boards that have rotted. He has come around to the possibility of chickens. But, gets aggravated when I ask when we can continue on the building… Please keep us in you prayers… Will keep you all posted if you like…
    Again, thanks for the article!

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