Chicken Coops should go near the compost pile.

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Chicken Coops should go near your compost pile.   Yes. Backyard chickens and compost… they go together. A compost pile is an environment that is elaborately set up to attract all the right kind of bugs and microorganisms to break down plant material into new soil. This is also all the kinds of things that chickens like to eat. Bugs, worms, ants, yummy! So your chickens want to go a digging to find all those creatures. In doing so they are going to turn your compost pile for you and...

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Where should I place my chicken coop?

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Chicken Coops Were should I place my chicken coop? Chickens are most comfortable in the same temperature conditions that we humans like. That is about 72 °F. If the temperature gets above 95° or 100° they can die of over heating. If it drops below freezing for long, they will get frost bite on their extremities such as their comb and claws. So keep these idea in mind when you consider where to locate your chicken coop on your property. By the way, the term “chicken coop” refers...

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Chicken Coops – A fresh egg breakfast

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Chicken Coops – Make for fresh eggs…   Here is a fun video of what it is like at our house to have fresh eggs for breakfast. The chicken in this video was not brooding, she just was laying her egg that morning. How fresh is that? The  chicken coop featured in this video can be seen in detail here. This is my first blog from my new website. I hope to be posting more useful information about keeping back yard chickens and living a sustainable life. Stay tuned for more to...

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Modular Chicken Coops

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Our coops make it fun, easy and attractive to keep a small flock of chickens in an urban backyard. While offering a variety of different sized hen houses, and pens with wheels, all Creative Coop products are made of interchangeable components which allow customers to transform the size and configuration of their coop to accommodate the changing needs of their flock. All made in the...

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