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Chicken Coops – Free food for chickens

Posted by on Sep 22, 2011 in Chickens | 1 comment

Chicken Coops – Free food for chickens This blog may turn out to contribute to the reluctant spouse syndrome that I wrote about recently, but I’ll let you judge that for yourselves. Chickens eat vegetables, grains and protein. When you buy “Chicken Feed” at the “Feed Store” with a balance that is healthy for the chickens at their particular stage of growth. But you don’t have to buy commercial food products for your chickens to have a healthy diet. Free...

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Chicken Coops – Back yard chickens and the reluctant spouse

Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in Chickens | 3 comments

  Chicken Coops – Back yard chickens and the reluctant spouse While I am attending farmer’s markets and home and garden shows selling my chicken coops, I have noticed something interesting. It happens regularly every week at some point and the scenario goes something like this. A couple will arrive at my booth and one or the other of them will be so excited about the chicken coop. “Look honey!” etc. Meanwhile the other spouse is standing there, maybe with their arms crossed,...

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Chicken Coops – Broody Chicken Nest Solution

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Chickens | 0 comments

  Chicken Coops – A Nest Solution for Broody backyard Chickens A broody chicken is one that has decided it is time to raise some chicks. This is what happened to one of my backyard chickens. There was some kind of hormone change and she stopped laying eggs. She appeared all fluffed up and started sounding like a crow! It was a kind of deep growl rather than the usual cooing sound they make. All she would do is sit in the nest box. Hardly eat at all. She wants to sit on eggs until...

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Chicken Coops – A modular approach

Posted by on Sep 8, 2011 in Chickens, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Chicken Coops that expand with your flock of backyard chickens Imagine that you are new to the idea of keeping backyard chickens. You have heard a lot about it, but are not sure if this is going to be something for you or not. So you figure that you will keep it small and simple to start with. Maybe just 2 or 3 chickens and you get one of those in expensive chicken coops (made in China). It turns out that it isn’t much work at all and the kids love it. You realize that you are only getting...

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Chicken Coops should go near the compost pile.

Posted by on Sep 6, 2011 in Chickens | 4 comments

Chicken Coops should go near your compost pile.   Yes. Backyard chickens and compost… they go together. A compost pile is an environment that is elaborately set up to attract all the right kind of bugs and microorganisms to break down plant material into new soil. This is also all the kinds of things that chickens like to eat. Bugs, worms, ants, yummy! So your chickens want to go a digging to find all those creatures. In doing so they are going to turn your compost pile for you and...

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